I had a great time was very enthusiastic group of kids at the Sand Creek Middle School in Albany.  From the way they put the song together, they certainly are definitely leaders.  In fact, that's the subject of the tune, coincidentally. They even did a music video! 

I want to thank Mrs. Johnas for inviting me to come in and work with these guys and gals. They wanted to do a theme song for leadership - a huge focus of their school curriculum.  Here are the kids who made it happen today. (video and audio to follow)

photo by Richie Phillips

Now would you like to hear (and SEE) them sing?  Remember, we put this together in less than one hour! The lyrics are on the blackboard below the video so you can sing along at home, and there is also a separate audio file at the bottom.

©2013 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

Thanks again for having me in!  Please spread the word and have everyone listen to this, and feel free to leave your comments below !