This is one of those issues where I really don't know where I stand personally (I'm actually like that with everything - LOL)  And if we opened up the phone lines on the show it could be interesting, or it could get rather ugly.  So I'd rather just write a ditty about it and let it go at that!

This blog could be about 5 pages long, filled with the  pros and cons.  I'm sure you know them all.  But the bottom line is that same sex marriage is now law in New York State.  You can read the story on Huffington It joins several other states who have agreed to the concept.  There are still many holdouts however.

Maybe Sinatra would roll over in his grave if he heard this next parody, but this is what transpired this morning on the show.  (Sean could tell that I was covering the issue without even asking.  He was giggling because I think he was watching me start to squirm while preparing to sing about it)
Same sex marriage by WGNA-FM

Of course, like many of you, I'been thinking about it alot.  Here's one of the things that perplexes me personally.   Conservatives are the ones that don't like government regulation of any kind, right?  They say that you should be able to run your life without interference, correct?  But in the same breath,  They don't want to allow it.  So who's interfering with your life?  The government!   Isn't that a contradiction?   These things keep me up at night.

What do you think?  Would love to know.  Leave your comments below and we may read them on the show!