Now I'm sure most parents think their kids are just the greatest in the world, They like to think they are smarter, better looking and more talented than everyone else's kids. For most people this is just not true, but in my case , well I guess I got lucky! :)

Bleeker Street Facebook Page

One a serious note, of course I love my boys and I think they are all pretty talented and while I'm not big on coming on the radio station's website to promote them I feel like in this case I can because Ryan has actually performed his music for the listeners at a "Sean and Richie Golf Tournament" a couple of years ago. The people there seemed to like it a lot even though he was only 17, I remember he did the first song he ever wrote which is on this album called "Possibilities". I still wonder how it came from a 16 year old kid!

At any rate, Ryan has a brand new band called "Bleeker Street" which sort of fell together at the end of this summer as he wanted to record some of his songs and make an album. I have to tell you while it is more of a "Indie Rock" sound I think the music and lyrics speak to just about anyone.

But I'll let  David Malachowski of the Times Union give you his opinion as it is more objective. He reviewed the album for his album review column in the T.U. which ran yesterday.

Times Union, Albany, N.Y.

Now , if you would like to hear the music, it's pretty easy to do AND it's free! You can "like" the Facebook pace for "Bleeker Street"  Or just go the their page on the  BandCamp site where you can listen to each track and download it for free. (or for a small donation) but that is purely optional.

And by all means let me know what you think!