Hell, I ain't scared.  I'll admit my mistakes - even publicly in this article.  I made a pretty major Mother's Day mistake and it caused an outburst of laughter at a local Hewitt's.  Here's my "fail"


I could write this out, who wants to read a long diatribe about how stupid I am?  Wouldn't you rather just hear about it?  Sure you would.  Here's the audio, with a written summary below in case it doesn't play on your computer.  But for those whose computers don't work right and can't hear this bit - I'll summarize.

This is the  flower arrangement I got for my wife.

photo by Richie Phillips

I thought it was very nice looking and matched everything in our home.  Honestly, I was quite proud of myself that I color coordinated the gift.  When I got home, however, Dorrie was smiling, but also gently hinting to me that this might just be a  FUNERAL arrangement.  I noticed that it had a metal holder, but I thought that was just a way to carry it out and not put your grubby paws all over it.

That should have been my first clue.  THAT WAS THE CASKET HOLDER!   OMG.  How bad did I feel?

With my tail between my proverbial legs, I returned  it to our  local Hewitt's, hoping that they would take it back (I couldn't find the receipt).  Patty at the register was very pleasant (in fact, she was highly amused at my incredible "faux pax".

photo by Richie Phillips

She was very nice about issuing store credit for my idiotic purchase, so I had to give them a shout out here.

Have any of you made this same error?  Please say YES.  Can SOMEONE leave me a comment to make me feel a BIT better?

In the meantime, sorry Dorrie.  It won't happen again.  Lesson learned!