This was my very own Daily Dilemma, and I would like to share if I may.  I hope my wife doesn't read this, so please don't tell her about it whatever you do

Whenever my wife gets into my car, she complains that it smells   This has been going on for about a year now.  Now I do like to chew gum - I will admit that.  However sometim es days will go by since the last time I’ve chewed a stick - so I can’t imagine that this would be the problem.    She still brings it up EVERY time we get in the car.   She keeps saying that it smells like fruit.



The other day, she started in again.  I told her flat out that she was crazy and that maybe she was smelling the air freshener that she hung on the rear view mirror months ago.  Nope..   Not convinced.  I keep standing my ground and an argument invariably breaks out again.


Well just last nite I was looking in the back of the trunk to see if I could find something for work.  I searched and searched.  I reached all the way back and saw the tip of a grocery bag.  I pulled it out, and there was this very round object in the bag.  It was a moldy black cantalope that must have been in there since I started in the radio business.

( this is not AT ALL what it looked like.  I couldn't BEAR to take a picture of it)

Here's how it was explained this morning and how the guys reacted

Do I swallow my pride and tell my wife?   Sorry, but I just can’t bring myself to tell her she has been right all along cuz I’m a guy.