It's Halloween week around these parts, and I want to celebrate it by coming to your Capital Region classroom, but you have to act fast, and you have to be a teacher to sign up.

I have an opening in my schedule, and it happens to be a key week for kids - Halloween!

I feel bad.  I really would love to come to a school and write a song with an elementary class.   If you are a teacher of a class of 25 or less, are in the Capital Region somewhere, and are in a Halloween state of mind, I need to hear from you very quickly.  This would be a perfect addition to our Friday Morning Live Halloween show .  We will write a song about what costumes the kids are wearing, and we will air their creation on Friday morning.

It's fun, and it's free! Just email me (quickly) at and I will contact you. I can be there by 11am and the program lasts an hour or so.

That's it! Let the emailing begin!   Would you like to hear some of the songs that the kids have done over the umpteen years that I've had this program up and running?