I've always LOVED parodying Willie Nelson.  I've always loved that "warble" when he sings.  So I gave it a shot this morning - pretending that he came on the air with us to hype his appearance at the Taste Of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain.  (Are  you going?)  Get those tix!.In case you haven't heard who's going to be there, we thought that it would be best if Willie told you himself (or at least a Willie impersonator - cuz it's hard asking the real one  to come in at 5:30 in the morning!.  So here was the bit from this morning.



You'lll be coming to Hunter Mountain and  when you come

you'll see me and lady Antebellium

Yes  that was a forced rhyme

(hey) don't give me a hard time

I'm your elder don't make me to look so dumb

(In the )northern Catskilll  that's where you'll get your fix
the town's been there since 1896
but even they'll admit to you
they've never had 3 days of music
like Craig Campbell and Billy Currington
Dustin Lynch Montgomery Gentry my the way
(the artist) formerly known as littler Hunter Hayes
 local acts and so much more
even Chelsea Cavanaugh
Siomething there for each and everyone
Grab those tickets before they are all gone
just go to WGNA. com
nothing more to discuss
time to go back on my bus
you'll see smoke before the morning show is done