Although I didn't get many people writing in for this little hamlet, I'm not bitter, because I had Michele Weiler helping me.  She sent me pages and pages of stuff (thank God).  Michele gets top billing for this. 

Rexford is a little hamlet outside of the "CP' (Clifton Park to you and me).  I knew very little about it except that it has a bridge that's literally a traffic nitemare most days.


Michele also sent this link-  It has a ton of information about the area.  Very interesting.

Here is the song from Michele's great factoids.

mp3 version (right click to download)


By the way , If you have any more photos that you would like to contribute, please send them to and I'll update this post.   And of course, if you'd like to nominate a town for a future segment, please include in the comment section below.  Three cheers for small towns. We love them so much, we're going to visit some in May.  Maybe it will be YOUR TOWN (get it?)