Reba McEntire "fell more than 100 feet to her death" while filming a movie in a remote area of Austria.  This news went viral around the internet Monday, and we are happy to report that it is NOT TRUE!

According to CMT, The Global Associated News website, which includes a disclaimer that its reports are "a complete work of fiction for entertainment purposes," distributed the story Monday night (Jan. 30).  Reba McEntire quickly responded with this statement on, "Contrary to ludicrous reports, Reba has not passed away, nor was she even in Austria at the time of her alleged death. Global Associated News, who devised this latest celebrity hoax, is an entertainment site that generates 'totally fake articles based on zero truth.' Reba is alive and well, but would like to thank her loyal fans for their concern."

The 'death' craze on the internet has seen other death hoax stories mentioning actors Will Smith, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, and Bon Jovi.  We are happy to report, that at the age of 56, REBA IS ALIVE!