I have SO many old shots from Countryfest - that's cuz I'm old.  But let my age be your gain as we go back in time a few years.  Enjoy. Richie with Montgomery Gentry

I feel like this is a scene from Forrest Gump in a way.  It looks like trick photography, but this is actually me in between Montgomery and Gentry.  Surreal isn't it?  This is from 2005.



Good old, or shall I say young, Dierks Bentley.  I couldn't even pronounce his first name back then.

This is me giving Trace Adkins one of my crushing handshakes.  You can see him wincing in pain here.

Trace on stage.  Isn't this getting you psyched for Countryfest 2012?

One big celebrity , ABC News 10's Steve Caporizzo, and a rising star  - introducing NUMBER 3, from Niskayuna NY - my son Ben, proving once again how time REALLY flies, considering he's 21 now.

Have you had enough?  I don't want to be THAT guy that bores you to death with all my old slides, but I thought I'd give you a little sample of the files and files and files of photos I have.  Now it's YOUR turn.  Get your tickets to Countryfest 2012 and make your OWN memories.  See you there!.