It's twice as awesome this year. Pizza wars 2012 is back at 2 locations on February 2nd from 5-9pm. Pick the location that works best for you, we'll be at Proctor's in Schenectady and The Holiday Inn on Wolf Road.

Admission is just $5 bucks at either location. I hope that the awesome pizza shops competing have some pies with my favorite toppings. Here are my top 5.

5. Onions

      Not too many, but just a few make a big difference.

4. Green Peppers

     Don't be stingy with these on my pizza, load it up.

3. Black Olives

     Its an acquired taste, but once I acquired it, I couldn't get enough.

2. Sausage

      Yummy. I like spicy Italian best.

1. Pepperoni

     Was there any doubt what would be number one on my list. Pizza without pepperoni is like a milk shake without milk. Why bother?