I love anchovies! I know, I'm a freak. I only like them on pizza though. I love green peppers too. Here are my 5 favorite pizza combinations.

   1.  Sausage with onions

   2. Anchovies with green peppers

   3.  Pepperoni and jalapenos

   4. Onion with bacon and pineapple

   5.  Ham, bacon and sausage with extra cheese

Come to WGNA Pizza Wars on February 3rd and chow down on pizza from 30 or more of the best shops in the region. Pizza wars is at Proctors and you can bring the whole family. It runs from 5-9:30pm and tickets are available at the doors on the 5th for just 3 bucks. Vote on your favorite pizzas and have a soda with the WGNA gang.  What's your favorite pizza combo?