Ladies do you find yourself avoiding beer because it’s just too manly?
afraid of bloating unwanted calories and GAS!!!

Molson Coors is formulating a new brew for female taste buds.

Animée, to be released in the UK this fall, will come in three varieties: "clear filtered," "crisp rosé" and "zesty lemon." Naturally, the stuff is pink. You know, to match your purses and nails ladies.

The company hopes this 4% alcohol-by-volume, lightly sparkling beer will tickle a demographic it has yet to tap into. A survey showed that 79 percent of women in the UK avoid drinking beer due to such fears as bloating and weight gain, and because it's traditionally a masculine beverage.

So my question to you guys…In a extreme case like no other beers around or you know bloating, Would you drink a pink beer???