OMG! LOL!  That's about the only way I can describe this morning's guest.  It's one thing to have someone like Phil Vassar call in, but when he shows up, especially at OUR ungodly hour, it's something very special

I'm going to star this blog by saying  that it's so great to meet a person of his stature who is just a "regular guy".   We had the pleasure of meeting him back in the "early days", back in 2001   I remember it well.  We were at our studios in Latham, and he came in, did an interview,  performed some of his early hits on the air and stayed til almost LUNCHTIME, just hanging out and talking to everyone.   We had him at Countryfest that year as well.  (Actually, he couldn't believe that it was that long ago, so here's a picture of him looking at that old poster hanging on the wall here at the station)

He was also back here for Countryfest 2008 and literally blew everyone away.  Sean dug up some old video of that on YOUTUBE, and Phil got a big kick out of seeing it again.

And here he is, a decade since his first appearance, still the same unassuming guy that we first met, and that's what impresses me most despite his incredible fame and success.  Just pick up his Greatest Hits album alone, and you'll realize how many songs he has to his credit! (I'm workin' for you here, Phil)

Here are a few video clips of him joking around with us off the air this morning:

Phil tinklin' the keys during the commercial break.

Phil breaks into "Milkshake", by Kelis.  (show's you what lack of sleep will do to a person).  And last but not least...

Phil crashes Casey Danton's newscast , but being the consummate professional that she is, she doesn't miss a beat!

We had a blast as you can tell.  Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of the the curtain pulled back on the show!   We can't wait to see him when he returns for our Taste Of Country Barbeque Championship. Will you be there?