How would you like to have a very thin credit card that, in actuality, is ALL of your cards in one?  Handy? Recipe for disaster?  Well, it's a real invention. Plus free apps and more on today's Tech Talk.It's actually called COIN!   It holds your credit, debit, gift cards - all kinds of cards in one place.  You transfer the information by swiping all of your existing cards into this little scanner gizmo that attaches to your phone...  It all gets transferred over to this thin little card that you carry.
Rather than explaining it - seeing is believing, so here's their commercial
What will they think of next?
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How about curved TV screens?  THAT's what!  At the just completed Consumer Electronics Show, TV manufacturers are scrambling to boost sales
According to , besides the push to sell  4K TVS (TV's with 4 times the clarity of present high def) , they now have come up with TV's with curved screens.  They say it "offers a better viewing experience".  It kind of simulates IMAX.  Can you imagine IMAX in your living room?  (You should then charge people $18.00 to come over and watch the game)
My Favorite App -
It's called Apps Gone Free - and every single day they offer apps (full featured) for nothing!  Tons of them, and a lot of them don't expire at the end of the day either!  Free is good!  Check it out.  Apps Gone Free costs $499 in the app store (kidding - it's free)
That's Tech Talk for this week.  Enjoy!!!