Yes, after seeing Alligator Gar 'fish' I am also wondering why the search ended!

Well, this is something you don;t see everyday in Schenectady. Last week Julian Canavan caught this fish in Iroquois Pond:

That would be an Alligator Gar, not something you see pulled out of Iroquois Pond on a regular basis. According to the Times Union, these fish actually normally live in some New York waterways. Some of them are discarded by owners who kept them as pets, but there is no word how this fish landed in this pond. Canavan alerted the DEC who had been searching for it, but suspended their search after they could not locate it.

The Times Union says they are not dangerous, but they can be aggressive to other fish - which I bet you assumed just looking at this thing. Wow!  Imagine catching it?  that would have freaked me out!

The best part of all of this is maybe they can base another Sharknado movie on this. You know, sharks with an alligator twist.