I can't believe this. You know that guy Martin Shkreli who's cancer drug he was charging $750 a pill for and refused to lower it? Well, now he's got slight competition.

It's called a toxoplasmosis drug (Daraprim)  and this guy has jacked up the price of it 5000%. Well, he's getting a run for his money, according to the San Diego Tribune.

A company out of San Diego has now come up with it's own version of the same thing, and is charging $1 a pill.  It's Imprimis Pharmaceuticals.

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I would like to be the first to give this company a standing ovation for standing up to these money grabbing companies.

There is a sticking point here. The company didn't get FDA approval for the pill, just what's inside it, HUH? True. But as long as a doctor prescribes the formulation for it, you can get it. At least that's my understanding.

But again, a standing ovation for even trying.