This is unbelievable news on the international front.  North Korea has actually fired on their neighbors, and it looks like the neighbors fired back! 

Hey, it's always important to keep up on what's happening outside the Capital Region.  You can't ignore this little event - possible war!  CNN is reporting this morning that we have a very tense situation on our hands.

Quoting: South Korea Korea detected a projectile, assumed to be a small rocket, that was fired toward the western province of Gyeonggi



Getty Images


This is the culmination of a long standing argument between the two countries.  South Korea has accused the north of planting mine fields.  They have denied it, but the South insists, and they threatened to fight back if provoked.  That they did.

They've also been sending propaganda messages back and forth.  I'd much rather they do that than fire at each other, but I guess it was inevitable.

We'll keep watching this story closely.  This is ALL we need!