We covered alot of Tech Talk today.This is particularly interesting - a car from Nissan that  gets very close to driving itself.  We also have your question of the week for our computer gurus- Computer Renaissance in the Newton Plaza in Latham. How cool.  Evidence again that cars may be driving without our help very soon.  It's called Drive by Wire Technology, and according to Cnet.com , Nissan is taking it very seriously. It takes rack and pinion steering and replaces it with a wire.  it makes driving your car like playing a video game.  It's quicker to transfer the information digitally to the tires and send the info back to the steering wheel than the conventional way, and there are fewer parts to break down as well.  Check this out! Amazing.  They could have it out by next year. And now onto our Computer Renaissance Question of the Week

What do I do to protect my computer and files in the event of a storm? Sarah in Schoharie

1.  Our friends at Computer Renaissance say you should first back up all your files on an external hard-drive or thumb drive.

2. You can also purchase a battery back-up with a surge protector so that you can still work on your computer in an outage if you have to.

3. Your best bet will be to turn your computer off and unplug it completely to protect your machine from a power surge when the power comes back on.  You should also unplug your cable modem. If you lose data during a storm… or your computer gets fried because of a power surge get over to Computer Renaissance in Newton Plaza in Latham and our friends over there will help you recover your data or select a new computer!