This is the kind of trouble we get into on the "Sean and Richie Show", we think out loud on the air and the whole thing takes a life of it's own. Casey mentioned that she was taking a few days off and her normal replacement wasn't available. So we said, hey why not have listeners come in and fill in for her? Clearly at the time we were thinking girls from "Hooters" or something like that but alas, the listeners were about it. So after some people showed interest in the idea on our Facebook accounts we chose to "audition" some of them this morning and pick a couple to come in and do a newscast tomorrow.

This is where you come in. Give a listen to the people who called in and leave your comments. Your comments are not actually votes, but of course we will take the well thought out constructive ones into consideration. Please don't be mean, there really is no place for that on here. These people whether it was just for fun this morning, or that they actually want to try this out, were brave to call in and put themselves out there.
Here's the first round of calls we got.

Then the next hour we opened the phones again, I definitively feel like these people were a little more prepared but I guess we also have to take into account that it's always harder to be first.


OK , let us know what you think and we will pick a couple to come in tomorrow and become official radio news people.
God Bless.