I know many of you "old schoolers" may think that this is ridiculous.  "There's no gadget  that replaces good old fashioned practice", I hear you say.  Well, it's a whole new world out there.  Better embrace it.  Introducing the piano glove

It's a glove that you wear that sends impulses to your fingers and through the conductivity it ....ah... um...don't ask me to explain it.  Here's a video from CNN that does a better job

How amazing is that?  I need to get my hands on that (no pun intended).  I wonder how much?  Would this be incentive for you to learn the keyboard?  I think it's great, because you wouldn't necessarily have to read music to learn, which is the way I picked it up.

But then again, it could get you in trouble at work.  "Stop tapping your fingers, Bob!".  "Just practicing, boss!"