There are always some tunes that are flying just off the radar from newer country artists that are waiting for their shot to break through and get a slot in the top 40 on the charts.

I probably listen to about 15 to 20 new songs each week and when one intrigues me I will listen another one or two times to decipher why I like what I hear.

Here are a few songs that are waiting in the wings and I think they have a good shot at being hits in the near future here on Country 107.7, WGNA-FM.

1. The Eli Young Band- Crazy Girl   

     Just like a horse race, a lot of music is based on connections. Maybe you have a good song, but not the right singer delivering it. Maybe it's a great singer, and the song just isn't strong enough to push through.  Mike Eli is one of the best male voices in country music with a Vince Gill like tone that has some grit to it. He delivers this one from start to finish, and it was written by Lee Brice who is one of the hottest writers in Nashville these days. Keep your ears open for this one.

2. Eric Church- Homeboy

   When it comes to country music and patriotism for our country the connection is the strongest of any. Eric Church doesn't tackle this one from the "mess with us and we'll kick your butt" mindset that a lot of tunes from Toby and Darryl Worley and Charlie Daniels have taken in the past.

Instead he takes the American posture of wishing our troops well from a John Michael Montgomery "Letters From Home" point of view. He just simply says "we love you, respect you and want you to come back home boy". 

Eric Church's fan base gets stronger and stronger with every hit, and I have said to many people in the industry that he is one big hit away from becoming a superstar. I think this will be the one.

Check out the tune on this blog thanks to You Tube.