Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

flickr user, alumroot

I recently had an argument with my husband and I need to know who is right! Please help!

My husband constantly lectures me..and anyone we come in contact with...about cell phone use. He says it's SO RUDE for me to be checking my phone at home. I admit, it's next to me on the couch on occasion and I check my Facebook every now and then. Also, when guests come over and check their phones more than once, he asks them if we are boring them. It's so embarrassing.

I told him cell phones are basically how we connect to everyone these days and that he should accept it and keep quiet. I understand if you are ignoring someone talking to you and checking your email, that is rude. But, I think he needs to lighten up a little. He has a phone, but just doesn't use it like most of us do. He is wrong to assume we should put our phones down just because he doesn't like it, right?

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