I love, loved my first car!  It was a 1993 White Dodge Shadow, 5 speed manual transmission with dual exhaust and a sweet spoiler!

I bought it with $1300 of my very own money and I took very good care of it.  To raise enough money, I babysat my heart out, I taught kids how to roller skate while I was dressed like a bunny rabbit, and I dragged my Dad to the shady car dealership just outside of our town.

Cash in hand, I slipped into the driver's seat, threw that sucker in first gear, and fell in love as I peeled out of the parking lot.  Ahhhhhhh...

I still wish I hadn't sold it...

But, life goes on, and we'll always have the memories.  And, it was super loud, therefore hard to sneak home late at night, and the backseat was, well, small.  You know, for passengers and stuff.

Photo: Bethany's Collection
Photo: Bethany's Collection

Boy did I think I was hot stuff.  #highschool #sweet16 #thosewerethedays #maybeIshouldvewashedit #couldntaffordthecarwash #butwhataboutthatoutfit

What was your first car?