Have you noticed that almost every celebrity has created their one line of SOMETHING? Yahoo!, presented a montage of “The Worse Celebrity Products of All Times”.  It was hysterical to me.

Hulk Hogan created canned pasta he called “Pastamania”.  The restaurant with the same name was opened and closed within a year!  Sylvester Stallone created “High Protein Pudding” to help people bulk up! That’s no longer on shelves.  My Favorite from the list is he “Kiss” casket.  Yes, the band created a casket for their die hard fans.  Not a bad idea, I would totally tell my Wife to buy me an Eagles casket!


I started thinking, as a local celebrity, I should come up with something. What would best suit a Morning Show guy?  What about an alarm clock phone app with my voice, a coffee mug or maybe even a K-cup?  You know, the typical “morning” stuff.  The most fun for me would be my own brand of beer, clearly!

What product do you think I should market that would best represent me?  What about Richie? Jeff? Maybe I will just do it.  And you would of course get one free for the idea!