Don't you just love spring?  Getting out there in the sunshine, leaping in anticipation of getting to mow your lawn again!  Isn't this what the season is for?  (What did you just yell out?-Wow!  That's harsh!).  Well, relief is on the way, because there is now an app for that too!

Finally, an app that makes sense!  Cut The Grass HD for the Ipad.   It's posted on  So yes, you do need an Ipad.  But hell, isn't THAT a much better use of your money than a boring lawnmower? 

And let's face it, going outside these days is only used as a break to rest your eyes from Twitter or Facebook sessions, or perhaps playing Angry Birds or something mundane like that.  This is a much more productive use of your time! 

This is fantastic.  I would love it if they also came out with Vaccum The Living Room  HD, Take Out The Garbage HD,  Pick Up The Dog Poop HD (no need for the HD on this one.  Standard definition will do just fine).  

Maybe you can think up your own and submit them.  But congrats to this company for finally realizing that we guys are much better off doing what we do best-sitting on the couch with our technology!