Just this weekend I went to the movies with my family. I noticed that everyone seemed to forget the theater is not their living room and there are simple rules that when adhered to allow everyone to enjoy the movie. Here they are in no particular order.

-SHUT UP! I know you think your running commentary enhances the movie going experience but truth be told you sound stupid and you're ticking me off.

-When there are open seats DON'T CROWD ME! Just this weekend there were still half the seats available however these 2 women sat next to me and actually argued with the movie. No lie fought with the charatures on screen. Do I need a stay in the mental ward if your nuts rule? Plus I Like to stretch out and chances are you staring at me eating popcorn from the next seat will creep me out.

-Speaking of seats, NO kicking or pushing the back of the seat in front of you!

-If you are tall don't sit in front of kids. If there is no choice slouch! Kids love the movies they are still a magical time out with mom or dad. Don't ruin it. I slouch when needed, true story.

-If your child is not old enough to be quiet and enjoy the movie don't bring them. For a kids first movie a talk needs to be had where it is made clear whispering is the loudest you can speak. If they don't get it then don't bring them.

-If you have a cold causing sneezing or coughing STAY HOME. I don't want your germs.

In summary movies are expensive and for a lot of us a good time out with family and friends. When people act like they are the only ones there and no one else matters it ruins it for everyone else. If you want to chat, spread germs or prove what a "wonderful" parent you are please find a place that doesn't require peace and quiet to enjoy the very expensive outing.