It's a wallet!  It's a phone!  You're both right!  Plus - you thought you could escape it, but now you can't even play hoops without technology blocking your shot!  This and a Windows 8 tip to boot.  
Come on guys, admit it.  The only bulge we have in our pants these days is from all the gadgets in our pockets...  Your wallet, your keys, your phone- try putting them all in a a pair of walking shorts and watch what happens (especially if you have no belt on)
Introducing WALLY- the iPhone wallet.  it sticks onto the back of an ordinary iPhone and becomes this very simple all-in-one.  It's party in the front, business in the back.  The wallet is made out of leather, and it looks here like they are $39.95

 The First BlueTooth Basketball

You know how you now have apps that tell you how fast you walk, how many calories you burn,  or how about the Wii- it gives you feedback on how well you do a particular exercise?
Well, now your bball is getting into the act.  a company called 94Fifty has invented a basketball that works in conjunction with Bluetooth and , what else? -- an app to respond to how well you excel in the game.   The ball has preprogrammed workouts for you to train with, it responds to how well you dribble, (dribble speed, shot arc, speed of release)  and has 50 competition modes.  Supposedly it can measure ANYTHING --- why can't they invent a baseball that measures steroid use


                                                                  WINDOWS 8 TIP 
Since alot of you now have Windows 8 (and are confused by it, like we are), I am trying to include a few tips here and there about this rather mysterious new upgrade to Windows computers.
To get rid of some of those apps on the home screen that you don't want
Right click or swipe down on apps that are on your screen if you don't want them and select UNPIN.  That "nukes" them.  Then you can drag the other tiles up down and around to move them . 60 Windows 8 tips.