Can you imagine being on an airplane when someone stands up mid-flight and yells "you've all been poisoned!"  Well, imagine no more

According to, it happened over the weekend.  The guy, identified allegedly as Daniel Morgan Perry also told the flipped out passengers that he had information about Ed Snowden (the guy who leaked information about how we're all being spied upon by the government).  They isolated him for the last 6 hours of the flight and then apprehended him when it landed.

How did they restrain him?  With plastic handcuffs!  What does that mean?  Did they get if from ToysRUs?  They don't have more sophisticated restraining devices on planes than that?


Remember recently when a passenger went "looney tunes" and they had to wrap him up with duck tape?   

And in the midst of all this, the airline industry had the AUDACITY to even THINK of allowing passengers to carry small knives again?   Well, if they do, can they at LEAST spring for metal handcuffs?