Yesterday I stopped by the Make-A-Wish chapter for Northeast New York.  I was lucky enough to have lunch and chat with the awesome people who work there, and I left truly inspired!

Photo: Make-A-Wish Northeast NY Chapter Facebook

I sort of felt bad because I was asking them so many questions!  "How many wishes do you grant?" "What's the best wish you've ever granted?" "How old do you have to be?" "Is there a limit to what you can wish?" And on, and on, and on!  But they were so great and had such interesting answers to all of my questions!

All I really knew about Make-A-Wish was from what I saw on the news, and chatting with the people who work for the organization right here in the Capital Region was so fun and interesting!

They told me how great the kids were and how fulfilling their jobs are, they gave me some great examples of wishes! (Like a super fun shopping spree, or meeting David Beckham!)  I also learned that your child doesn't have to be terminally ill to have a wish granted - they have to have a life threatening illness, which opens up the possibility to lots more deserving children!  And most importantly, we talked about just how much getting a wish granted can really change the lives of the child, and the entire family!

Photo: Make-A-Wish Northeast NY Chapter Facebook

Nascar fans, you'll be happy to know that Nascar drivers are some of the best wish granters!  Jeff Gordon even created a special token that he gives to all of the Make-A-Wish kids that hope to meet him!

I asked how I could help and they gave me some information on becoming a "Wish-Granter" - which sounds fabulous!  That's what they call the volunteers who help to make wishes come true!  So, if you're interested in becoming a "Wish-Granter," donate to make a wish come true, or you just want to find out more about the process, give them a call!

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