Country hunk and rising star Luke Bryan is on the road these days with his "Tailgates and Tan Lines" Tour with CMT.

It's also hunting season and Luke is an avid outdoors man and loves to hunt and fish. It must be hard to stay sharp with a bow and arrow while you're out on the road doing a major concert tour. Luke apparently needed to get a little practice in, and decided to do so in the parking lot of the Hobart Arena.

He was getting ready to play a show in the Dayton, Ohio are and had some time to "kill" before the show so he broke out his compound bow and arrow to shoot at some targets he set up in the parking lot. He missed on one shot pretty badly and hit the arena with the arrow which carries such high force that it literally took a chuck out of the side of the building. OOPS!!

Luke will be wrapping up his tour soon and in 2012 will be going on the road with the Jason Aldean tour. Here's Luke's red hot hit "I Don't Want This Night To End".