Lonestar is a super group in the world of country music and they have reunited with all the original members including lead singer Richie McDonald. Lone Star is also a legendary brand of beer. Both the band and the beer are from the state of Texas which shouldn't be a shock to anyone. I spent some time in the 80's on San Antonio Texas so the beer was known to me long before the band Lonestar started putting out the hits. I am sure the Lonestar has drank their share of Lone Star over the years as well.

I will say that if you drank Lone Star beer you had to drink it ice cold and fast, because once it warmed up a little it was not the smoothest thing I ever drank. That's just my opinion though. Learn all about the legendary Texas brew here.

We can all have a beer with the group Lonestar together on Tuesday night November 13th at the 1077 'GNA Lonestar Reunion Concert at Upstate Concert Hall. Doors open at 6:30pm and Skeeter Creek and The Back 40 Band will warm you up with awesome country as we get ready for Lonestar to take the stage and play all their hits including their brand new one "The Countdown". Tickets are just $15, and on sale now at the Upstate Concert Hall Box office, any Ticketmaster location, the Northern Lights Smoke shop on Fuller Road or by phone charge at 518-371-0012. Get yours now!

Here's one of the biggest hits from the Lonestar, and an old Texas TV commercial for the legendary Lone Star Beer.