As I was doing some reading, I came a across something that seemed a little funny. September 19,2013 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. It was a parodic holiday made up by two guys - John Baur and Mark Summers (or their alter-egos ‘Ol’ Chumbucket’ and 'Cap’n Slappy’), from Albany, Oregon in 1995.

According to legend, ‘Pirate Day’ started with Chumbucket and Slappy playing racquetball, when one of them got hurt, they yelled one little sound because of the pain. That sound was “Aaaaarrrr”. They sent a letter to a syndicated humor columnist by the name of Dave Berry, who liked the idea. Somehow, all of these guys turned that into this very special day.

Rumor has it that they wanted to make ‘Pirate Day’ happen on June 6, 1995, but decided to change it with respect to the observance of D-Day. So they chose September 19, because it was Summer’s ex-wife’s birthday, making it easy for them to remember.

With so much seriousness in the world today, why not have a little fun with this novelty holiday. I even used to work with a guy that really wanted to be a pirate - Like the old time pirates that you would see in the movies. And before you ask - No, it wasn’t anyone from GNA.

There’s even a web site about it and a video about the five A’s of being a pirate.

Why not put a country music spin on this with Kenny Chesney’s song ‘Pirate Flag’.