Well, here I go getting defensive about older people again.  This next video should act as exhibit A.  (A is for AGE) .  Age should never be a factor in deciding what hobbies to take up.  

Did you hear today's Daily Dilemma? We covered the same subject in a way.  There was a 40 year old guy who loved to skateboard.  Is he too old over the hill to do this?  Many listeners said "hell no".

Now the question is:  Should former CNN talker Larry King take up Dub Stepping?  We report -and we'll let you decide (whoops--wrong network).

Well, he seems to be enjoying himself to me!   You go, Larry!  (seriously, special thanks to "Funny Or Die" for the brilliant video production work on this.  God I wish I knew how to do that with my laptop! )
Is there something you always wanted to do but afraid that you are too old to take up?  Let me know in the comment section below (put your reading glasses on though - it might be hard to find on the page without them)