I had yet ANOTHER great experience - this time in Gloversville (Sean's old stomping ground).  The school? Kingsborough Elementary School.  The age?  A mixed group of K-5, and extremely creative. I have proof below! 

The teacher, Michele Becker, and music teacher Kathy Sponenburg really wanted to create a "jingle" for the school that emphasized respect and responsibility. How could I argue with THAT?

These kids actually earn "Husky Bucks" for showing these important character traits, so that's the reference you will hear in this song.  (Lyrics follow at the bottom)


photo from Kingsborough Elementary website
lyrics ©2013 Kingsborough Elementary and Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

They also were nice enough to put us on their district's website. We certainly appreciate that, and are happy to return the favor.  Hopefully this will become the school theme song! If it does, nothing would make me happier that I was somehow involved!  Thanks to everyone at Kingsborough for having me in.

Oh, and one more thing - if anyone in the district or elsewhere would like to sign our "We Hate Bullying" petition, please show your support.  We are looking for 1,000 names, and hopefully we can get them!

And one MORE thing!  Would you like to hear the 5 county anti-bullying song that 6 classes participated in?  Here's the link for that!