If you have been standing upright and breathing oxygen for more than a day on this planet you saw this one coming like a Mack truck on the Northway!

Kim Kardashian has surprisingly filed for divorce from Kris Humphries after 2 months. The $10 million dollar wedding was a 2 hour TV special that if you break it down by day costs over $100,000 for the whole 2 months she was married.

Apparently the issue was that her husband Kris wanted the couple to settle down in Minnesota, which Kim had issues with. Really? He actually thought that Mrs. Sunset Strip was going to live in the boonies of Minnesota and be cool with that?

Kim has filed a petition with the court with the divorce petition asking that even though it was in the terms of a pre-nuptial that she not have to pay the unemployed Humphries spousal support. Humphries who is an NBA player is basically out of work due to the lockout. TMZ has it all here.