What a classroom!  What a teacher!  What a great group of songwriters!  I'm talking about Ms. Pierro's class at the Montgomery C. Smith School In Hudson.  Would you like to hear the song?  Of course you would.  I've been there before and always enjoy working with Ms. Pierro's group, and she's done it again.  These guys were enthusiastic to say the least. Student teacher Alisha Halwick was a huge help as well (she held the recorder for me and transcribed the lyrics)

Here's their song.  It's a parody of Taylor Swift's new hit : "We Will Never Getting Back Together"

photo by Richie Phillips
Photo by Richie Phillips

Thanks to the kids, Ms. Pierro and everyone there.  What a blast.  I feel like I have new friends (which was the whole point of the song, right?)