I've always raved about Kenny Rogers to all my friends and fans. Along with an overflowing catalog of country and pop hits, he's one of the finest all-around entertainers you will ever see live in concert. Even now in 2012, the legendary 'Gambler' is still winning over new fans and critics.

Kenny Rogers recently performed at the multe-genre Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee.  If you need proof that this country crooner can still 'wow' a crowd look at these reviews.

“Rogers was a dynamic stage presence on classics like ‘Islands In The Stream’ and ‘The Gambler,’ with huge swaths of the audience holding up their beers to toast the breathtaking set list and its creator.”- Billboard

“Kenny Rogers might have had the biggest Sunday of any of the nearly 80,000 music fans that packed the farm…"- MTV.com

“It was refreshing to see a performer with such an accomplished career still really enjoying playing his big hits and interacting with his fans…Rogers came into the festival with the perfect mindset and turned in a performance of the ages…”-International Business News

After a set of his hit records and a surprise duet with Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers returned to the stage to perform with Phish. Through the years the legend has performed with several artists from all formats, but none have seemed to capture the attention of critics like this one.

“It was the one and only Kenny Rogers who joined Phish for a sweet version of ‘The Gambler.’  That’s right.  Phish and Kenny Rogers.”- CMT.com

“The four hour closing set from (Phish), the greatest jam band since The Grateful Dead, (included) a surprise cameo by Kenny Rogers, who sang “The Gambler” – causing ear-piercing roars…”- Joonbug.com

“What could be more surprising than Lionel Richie joining Kenny Rogers at Bonnaroo? How about Kenny Rogers joining Phish, for the second ‘Gambler’ of the day…getting to see what was probably about 65,000 people sing along to ‘The Gambler’ and go apeshit for Kenny Rogers was pretty cool.”- Nashville Scene (Nashville Cream)