So I took the family to K Mart yesterday in Latham.  It's closing, so everything is supposed to be marked down to these mega-cheap, over-the-top, sale prices.

I found the mark-downs to be underwhelming.  And, in fact, didn't buy anything!  I know, mark this on your calendar, Bethany left a store without purchasing anything at all.

The most notable part of our family outing was the sign holding that was happening at all of the intersections around said K Mart.  And, by sign holding, I mean sign leaning.

I felt really bad for the gentlemen who had to stand on the side of the road holding up signs with K Mart sale info on them.  It was freezing cold!  And, they appeared to have been out there all day!  I'd be leaning too!

Maybe it's a dumb question, but, couldn't the signs have been put into the ground, or hung up somewhere?

Do these men really have to stand there and hold them?

I wasn't the only one who wondered about this...

Jeff Levack posted this picture on Facebook the other day!

Why?  Why can't they just pound that sucker into the ground?