Now we're going too far.  Just when you thought technology was too intrusive and too all encompassing - now it's affecting your every day, run of the mill lightbulb.  Let me 'splain it to you

According to a story at, there's a company that has produced a lightbulb that works with WiFi.

 Greenwave Reality is releasing new 2700K, standard-size, Wi-Fi bulbs that "may just be the future of lighting," writes Brent Rose atGizmodo. You can also preset the lights, link them to motion sensors, or turn them on and off from miles away ("which made for some rather fun pranking of my girlfriend," writes Rose). Expect the full kit to run around $200 and bulbs to cost $20.   Here's an explanation from YouTube


Wow-  you might think ghosts are running your lighting system, but it's all being done remotely.  Would you buy something like this?  Too much?  Too techy? Somehow I think so, and I love gadgets as much as the next guy.  Would love your comments.