I don’t get as much junk mail in my snail mail as I used to.

Believe it or not, I’m a little disappointed. Awhile back, I heard someone mention this, so did my best, and still do, to make use of those unsolicited applications. Credit card companies are my favorite.

Open up the mail. Get all the paperwork in the envelope together. Look all of it over carefully and make sure that your name, address or any personal information isn’t on any of the papers. If it is, just cut that out. Fill out those applications, using a name like “Me”. For some of the number info. they want (like your phone number), just use any numbers. I prefer to just use all even or odd numbers.

After you’ve done this, put all of the paperwork into the return envelope. Seal it up, and put in the mail box. After all, they spent money on postage, and I hate to waste money.