He is my all time favorite country singer. He is George Jones.

George Jones is the inspiration behind a lot of current country singers from Jamey Johnson, to Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Easton Corbin, Joe Nichols, Garth Brooks and hundreds of other big stars every year.

He has a lot of nicknames which he earned for various reasons. George used to party, and he loved to drink. His best friend in the world was the late Johnny Paycheck.

One day many years ago George and Johnny were drinking in Florida and they ran out of booze, and George asked his wife at the time Tammy Wynette to go get them some more. Tammy said "no", so George fired up the John Deere lawn tractor and headed down the road to get it. He was busted by the cops.

For a brief period of time Jones was so drunk that he simply would not show up for concerts and earned the nickname "No Show Jones".

His demeanor and voice were so cool and smooth that he was also nicknamed "The Rolls Royce of Country Music".

His career seemed dead in the water so many times, and one hit later he would be on top of the world of country music again and again. This routine of playing dead and then coming back to life earned him yet another nickname as "The Possum".

I don't care if you have been a fan of country music for 1 or 40 years, get a Geroge Jones song and listen to it. Try "He Stopped Loving Her Today" for starters. Why? Because it is the greatest country song ever recorded.