Time to go back a few years once again and remember a great country song and video with this weeks edition of Flashback Friday. We go back 16 years for this #1 hit from John Berry, 1994's "Your Love Amazes Me".

The third time was the charm for John as his first two singles, "A Mind Of Her Own" and "Kiss Me In The Car", weren't very successful peaking at #51 and #22 on the Charts. "Your Love Amazes Me" went all the way to the top of the charts for John's first and only #1 on the Billboard charts. Although he would have a number of Top 5's such as "You And Only You", "Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye" and "I Think About It All The Time" to name a few. The same day this song went to #1 on the charts, John was sitting in a hospital bed after having brain surgery to remove a cyst. John's faith and strong will helped him get through that tough time and have a successful career.

The following year the success of the song earned him a CMA Horizon Award and the song itself was nominated for a Grammy.

These days John is still making music and  still tours, especially during the holidays as he embarks on an annual Christmas tour singing traditonal Christmas songs and telling stories. He's done the Christmas tour since 1996.