1077 'GNA is ready for Jerrod Niemann to rock the crowd in his concert on November 14th at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park on November 14th the day after our Lonestar Reunion Concert on November 13th. It's 2 big nights of "Double Barrel Country" at Upstate Concert Hall with 'GNA. Jerrod will be bringing along a new song for just in time for the show.He just wrapped up a great run on the country singles chart with his feel good song "Shinin' On Me" and his new song is positive as well, and his fans will be chomping at the bit for him to play it at the show. The song is titled "Only God Could Love You More".

Tickets for Lonestar on November 13th and Jerrod Niemann on December 14th are on sale now at the Upstate Concert Hall Box Office on Route 146 in Clifton Park, The Northern Lights Smoke Shop, any Ticketmaster location or by phone charge at 371-0012.