If you are a Jeff Gordon fan you will probably enjoy this video put out by Pepsi Max , one of Jeff's Nascar sponsors.  This is the latest fad in advertising where a company looks for a creative way to get video "hits" to promote their product. The nice thing is you can do so much more than you can in an actual commercial. You don't have time constraints and you don't have a slew of legal disclaimers and other legalities to worry about.

The only thing you DO have to do is make it worth it for people to share it with friends and/or talk about it. In that regard this video works. The premise is that Jeff Gordon wears a disguise and takes an unsuspecting car salesman out on the test drive of his life. It is a fun idea, and it is fun to watch but I couldn't help but be a little bothered by the fact that it is so obviously staged. That, and it should have been Jimmie Johnson.

Clearly, no one would ever , especially a billion dollar company, put themselves at this kind of risk for lawsuits. Imagine if something happened to the "sales guy" or even Jeff? Far too many openings for lawsuits in this one. However, like I said it's a fun idea. Take a look and let me know what you think?