Joe Diffie is enjoying quite a year! The consistent '90s blockbuster influenced many of today's stars who grew up on his catalog of hits. Jason Aldean is one of those young men who was extremely gracious to sing this tribute, co-written by Thomas Rhett, titled '1994.'

If you were listening to Country Music in 1994, you also know that Country Line Dancing was everywhere. From national television shows like Club Dance and Wildhorse Saloon to Country Nightclubs like Denim and Diamonds and the Cheyenne Saloon, Country Line Dancing was a national craze. In 2013, Country Line Dancing is still going strong all over the world and Joe Diffie is once again in the spotlight.

'1994' Line Dance - Teach Me How To Diffie
Choreographed by Matt Krabbe
32 Count 2 Wall Line Dance
Music- '1994' by Jason Aldean

Counts 1-8: Heel Toe Swivels, Heel touches right and left.
1,Swivel left toe to right and tap right heel in.
2,Swivel left heel to right and tap right toe in.
3,Repeat step 1.
4,Repeat step 2.
5,Tap right heel forward and slightly to right.
6,Step right foot together beside left.
7,Tap Left heel forward and slightly to left.
8,Step left foot together beside right.

Counts 9-16: Heel hook, Stomps forward with shakes.
9,Tap right heel forward.
10,Hook right heel over left foot kicking slightly up.
11,Tap right heel back down and forward.
12,Touch right toe beside left foot.
13,Stomp right foot forward.
14,Hold (Optional: Shake hips.)
15,Stomp left foot forward.
16,Hold (optional: Shake hips.)

Counts 17-24: Hesitations steps forward and back twice.
17,Step right foot forward.
18,Step left foot together.
19,Step right foot back.
20,Step left foot together.
21-24,repeat all of steps 17-20 again.

Counts 25-32: 1/4 turn struts twice.
25,Step right foot forward.
27,turning a 1/4 to the left, step left foot forward
29-32,repeat counts 25-28 again.