Montgomery Gentry will be in town for an awesome night of acoustic hits with 1077 'GNA on February 25th, and they have a ton of great hits to play for us all. My personal favorite was one of their songs that was not actually a big hit. It was a song about family, and working hard and not giving up on what generations of a family have contribute through sweat and tears. It is the song "Daddy Won't Sell The Farm". I hope they include in in their set list at Upstate Concert Hall on February 25th at our show. The Back 40 Band and Skeeter Creek will open up for Montgomery Gentry. Tickets are $12, or just $10 if you buy them at the Upstate Concert Hall Box office with the special codeword you can get inside the 'GNA Fanatics here. All the details on the show and where you can get your tickets are right here. Let's give "Daddy Won't Sell The Farm" a listen here.