Man, I was getting calls left and right the other day from people asking if I was "ok" and I didn't know what they asking me for. They said Dierks Bentley was looking for me and that there was a bunch of stuff on his Facebook page which you can like here. Just kidding. His dog "Jake" which is a great dog name if you haven't named yours yet jumped the fence and was missing for a few hours in a thunderstorm.

I told Dierks he needs a higher fence, and I promise not to jump it anymore. You can see a happy video reunion with he and Jake on his FB too which is pictured below. Dierks, I appreciate all the Facebook love, and am looking forward to seeing you in your meet and greet with some of our listeners on March 2nd when you come to town with Miranda Lambert and Lee Brice. Please bring me a new collar when you're in town. LOL!

From Facebook