Jake Owen has been working hard for years in country music after giving up on a career as a professional golfer to pursue his dream.

He can still hit the hell out of a golf ball too. I'm glad that Jake kept chasing that country music dream though. He showed his ability to deliver a heart felt song and really make you feel the words with one of his earlier hits about regrets in life titled "Startin' With Me".

A few weeks ago Jake finally saw a dream come true when he scored his first ever #1 hit with "Barefoot Blue Jean Night". I have heard the CD of the same name and really fell in love with a track on it titled "Alone With You" and was crossing my fingers in hopes that his label RCA Nashville would release it as his next single.

They must have heard, because that is just what the did. Check "Alone With You" out here and let me know what you think. It sounds like a hit to me.