We're getting there.  The end of summer vacation.   Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings here, but it's true!  So I'm trying to do a little more advanced planning here and put out the call to teachers who would like to sign up for the Readin', Writin' and Rhymin' school program.  Here's all you need to do!

1.  First, you have to sign up! If you are a teacher, have a class of 30 or less, and you are in grades 1-8, please send me an email at Richie@wgna.com.   You must be somewhere in the Greater Capital Region.

2.  I usually do the program on Tuesday or Thursday.  My best starting time is 11am.  The program only takes about 1-1/2 hours tops.  I know their attention spans by now.  And mine's even shorter!

3.  We pick a topic and write a song about it.  It's that simple.  We try to do this parody style.  We pick a song that is popular and re-write the lyrics.  It doesn't HAVE to be a country song.  But it has to be something that every age group can identify with i.e.  "YMCA", "Row Row Row Your Boat" etc.

4.  I record the kids singing the song right after we create it, and then it is broadcast the next morning  on the big WGNA blowtorch antenna to 19 counties!  Every exciting!    You can also listen to it anywhere on planet earth via WGNA.com's "Listen Now" feature , or on Radiopup, our very own app (yes, there is an app for that!)

5.  You can also access the song right here in the blog section of WGNA.com after it airs.

6.  I do this first come, first serve (unless you tell me that you listen each day to the Sean and Richie Show.  Then you are bumped to the top of the list!)  little joke there.

7.  If you'd like a demo of the kind of stuff that we do, you can go to the Reading, Writing, and Rhyming section of the website under the MEDIA category (at the top).

That's about it!  Hope to see you on the "Tour".  And thanks to Hannaford Supermarkets and Capital Communications Federal Credit Union for sponsoring it this year!